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The Source of Synergy Foundation is a 501c3 not-for-profit educational organization whose purpose is to synergize individuals, organizations and efforts by tapping into the infinite source of collective consciousness, creativity and potential for the common good.

The Source of Synergy Foundation recognizes that our essence is Source: a single, universal field out of which everything emerges, where we are united as one.

From this place we create opportunities for Synergy that spirals out creating, expanding and deepening connectivity and synergistic engagement.

Our Foundation is built upon exploring, utilizing and awakening to our innate qualities and capacities as conscious, evolving expressions of the Source of all that is, all that was and all that ever will be.

Our intention is to support the release of synergistic energy that will exponentially expand and create a global ripple effect in planetary consciousness. We all recognize that when individuals, organizations, communities and nations unite in a shared sense of responsibility for the common good their collective efforts have a far greater effect on the whole. Recently, we have seen an extraordinary number of networks, alliances and coalitions of individuals and organizations uniting in a shared sense of responsibility to help solve some of the world’s most pressing problems--climate change, hunger, human rights violations, and conflicts. There is a great shift accelerating across the planet where the power of the collective spirit is activated. The Source of Synergy Foundation is dedicated to creating opportunities for synergy that support a conscious evolutionary movement for global transformation.

The Source of Synergy Foundation

Source of Synergy FoundationSource of Synergy FoundationSource of Synergy FoundationSource of Synergy Foundation

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I see a synergy between my business experience (CPA specializing in nonprofits, MBA) and my life. I am a student of religion and intellectual history (Doctor of Hebrew Literature (Jewish philosophy, Jewish Theological Seminary). I am passionate about the intersection between...

Dale Colton has over twenty-five years experience working in Public Relations, Promotion and Publishing with individuals, centers and organizations that make up the global grassroots spiritual/socially conscious community. She holds a Masters Degree in Education in Counseling...

“Thousands of candles can be lite from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” – Buddha

I am from The Hague in The Netherlands and currently doing karma yoga at a healing and...

“It is not a case of survival of the fittest... it is rather a case of flourishment of the most cooperative.” Ken Casey 

As we all know, our planet, species and collective consciousness are in an acute...

My work over the last 15 years as an international Transformational Leadership Coach traces its true foundation to my in-depth study and training in Yoga Science and Philosophy begun 4+ decades ago. That foundation formed the bedrock and created the context of my world-view,...

The understanding that we are a collective comes from the awareness that at the core we are unified in consciousness. In order to produce synergy which is an energetic exchange we must do something intentional through our thoughts, words and especially our actions and this...

Brooklyn/NYC born and raised/one beautiful son/Montessori teacher 14 years/Owner Babette's East Hampton 18 years/Democratic fundraiser-Strategist 10 years with the Clinton's/General Wes Clark/Took a break from 'politics' after 2004 election realizing it was time for a 'new...

I have been ever evolving on the spiritual path to enlightenment since childhood.  As a young adult, I attended what was then the Maharishi International University in Los Angeles, where I studied transcendental meditation and the seven levels of consciousness in life and...

Rev. Deborah has made a colorful life journey from child actress to Broadway singer to Interfaith Minister to global peace worker – and now, through the Source of Synergy Foundation and the Evolutionary Leaders project, she is honored to support the movement of awakening...

During her distinguished career, Denise Scotto, Esq. has represented law firms, governments, businesses, non-profits, NGOs, and individual clients. She is admitted to practice law in the courts of the State of New York and the District of...

Rick Ulfik is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle, a project of the Source of Synergy Foundation. 

Rick is the Founder of We, The World and the...

The river of evolution has carried me through many stages: from singer-songwriter-guitarist and skateboarder early on to aspiring mathematician and physicist in college, to developer of Internet platforms that amplified the voices of millions and "connected the global heart...

Jennifer Ann Walsh hails from the Pacific Northwest. Currently she lives in San Francisco and runs a one-woman web shop specializing in websites for non-profits and other do gooders. She likes wild food and raw adventures. When she’s not helping people on a mission craft...

When the Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

I realized that the times I was most effective in terms of supporting the movement in consciousness was when I was helping to cultivate synergy between people or supporting others to bear witness to a global...

“Quite simply put, the Earth can ascend no further unless we make peace with the Animal Kingdom. We have to take into OUR consciousness the fact that in a Fifth Dimensional World we are all connected and related. This is the Great Shift we need to make if the Earth is to...

The Source of Synergy Foundation
Advisory Board

  • Deepak Chopra
  • John Clausen
  • Dale Colton
  • Anne Creter
  • Charmaine Crockett
  • Angelica Cubides
  • Frances Edwards
  • Gerry Eitner
  • Duane Elgin
  • Barbara Fields
  • Victoria and Ron Friedman
  • Georgina Galanis
  • Martha Gallahue
  • Ashok Gangadean
  • Jane Hughes Gignoux
  • Jonathan Granoff
  • Adam Hall
  • Sharon Hamilton
  • Aliza Hava
  • JJ and Desiree Hurtak
  • Kurt Johnson
  • Timothy Karsten
  • Audrey Kitagawa
  • Diane Longboat
  • Fred Matser
  • Avon Mattison
  • Dot Maver
  • Nina Meyerhof
  • Sharrye Moore
  • Danilo Parmegiani
  • Mitchell Jay Rabin
  • Linus Roache
  • Nancy Roof
  • Carlotta Segre
  • Gerard Senehi
  • Laxmi Shah
  • Iris Spellings
  • Alan Steinfeld
  • Daniel Stone
  • Julia Walsh
  • Monica Willard
  • Elizabeth Ashley Young
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Photo Credit: Dafna Mordecai, The Present - (Photograph in blue on the top of the page with the Gregg Braden quote.)
Dafna Mordecai is a New York City based artist, a surrealist by nature who works in many schools of thought and mediums. The joy of Dafna’s work is to be taken on a magical journey into another world. This piece is from her Visionary Art series called The Present and is a digital image created in Photoshop. To view more of Dafna’s diverse art and for further inquiries please visit her web site: www.DafnaMordecai.com Art@DafnaMordecai.com