Susan Belchamber, Secretary

Throughout her diverse career, Susan has always been deeply engaged with promoting positive psychological and social change. Her ongoing exploration has led her into such varied fields as neuroscience and biofeedback, consciousness and Integral studies, as well as New Economics and complementary and crypto-currencies.  She has served as Deputy Director for Japanese Affairs at USTR, as a trade consultant in the UK, then shifting to psychotherapy to eventually form her own neurotherapy practice in the US. Currently, Susan’s work includes ongoing research and group facilitation work on collective and intergenerational trauma, with specific focus on issues surrounding money and the possibility of post-traumatic growth. She continues to passionately work to support indigenous groups and regenerative efforts internationally.

Holding graduate degrees in both Psychotherapy as well as International Relations, Susan has also had the great privilege of personally studying with some of the world’s leading-edge thinkers including Thomas Hubl, William Ury, Jean Houston, Ken Wilber, Don Beck, Rupert Sheldrake, Anna Wise, Dan Siegel, Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer, Dan Emmons, Julio Olalla, Bernard Lietaer, and Charles Eisenstein. However, much of her true education has come through the wisdom gained in partnering, friending, and mothering.

A long-time meditator, Susan fully believes in aligning mind, body, and spirit in all pursuits, and that we need collaborative synergy to fully support the change we want to see in ourselves and our communities. Her deepest hope is that we can create a more equitable and sustainable world by refocusing on what we truly value.