There is a movement gaining force...

We are unifying more and more profoundly across issues, nations, religions, and cultures... This movement doesn’t have a name yet, but we instinctively feel it unfolding... We intuit that something more is possible, something that will unite us more powerfully to impact the world in these urgent times... How can we utilize our collective soul force to move forward and usher in a great leap in consciousness on the planet? Perhaps the answers will reveal themselves when we tap into the Source of Synergy...

News From the Source

The Source of Synergy Foundation Standing for Racial Equality

Since George Floyd was killed on May 25th there have been thousands of protests calling for change, as countless world citizens awaken more fully to the impact of centuries of systemic racism. The Source of Synergy Foundation is standing for racial equality and justice. We are listening, learning and taking actions in the way we conduct business and create our future.

Humanity is an interconnected whole and all of our diverse needs and hopes are intimately interwoven. Our species cannot thrive until together we build an equitable, just, free and loving world where we can all live our full potential. 

Image courtesy of The Patterson Foundation

 A Call to Conscious Evolution

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