Nina Meyerhof, Board Member

Nina Meyerhof, Ed.D, is a visionary thought leader recognized for a life of advocating for children and youth. The co-author of “Conscious Education: The Bridge to Freedom”, and “Pioneering Spiritual Activism”. Nina has received many awards for her work from The Mother Theresa Award to the Citizens Department of Peace Award to The International Educators Award for Peace as well as the State of Vermont passed a Resolution honoring her for her life’s work in PEACE, the Seeds of Peace Award and second of recipients for the Public Peace Prize.

Nina advocates for all people to go beyond cultural, ethnic and religious differences and strive for altruistic ethics.  She started Children of the Earth in 1990 and has touched into over 90 countries with this work. Her focus now is on the realization that peace must come from recognizing our interwoven unity thus the One Humanity Institute-a City of Hope.

Thus the project One Humanity Institute -a City of Hope is emerging adjacent to the Auschwitz Museum, a place of renown horror with 2 million visitors a year, to learn we must "Never Again" stressing NOT one of us should "Ever Again". We are now actively in the process of designing a complex of a campus containing a variety of programs as learning opportunities for those interested in resolving conflict  and inspiring alternative possibilities for a better world. The One Humanity Institute will offer structures learning experiences for young people and adults through formal and non-formal means.

Synergy as a concept unifies and spirals this work into reality bringing many together as One. When we are willing to recognize this great option to unite then possibilities occur becoming a voice that carries into the world.