Marilyn J. Young, Research Consultant

“Quite simply put, the Earth can ascend no further unless we make peace with the Animal Kingdom. We have to take into OUR consciousness the fact that in a Fifth Dimensional World we are all connected and related. This is the Great Shift we need to make if the Earth is to continue to ascend into her true Destiny as a Planet of Love and Compassion.” 

“From ‘Calling the Animals’ to the Lion’s Gate: A Journey in Raising Consciousness,”
Posted by Celia Fenn, StarChildGlobal 8/6/15.

Marilyn Jean Young is, quite simply put, an animal lover who believes our consciousness is intertwined. In fact, she believes the consciousness of all matter – organic and inorganic – is intertwined. A photographer with an eye toward connections, she’s received artistic grants to teach her photography/creative writing workshop “Seeing with Fingers, Writing with Eyes” which explores the interrelatedness of all things. It has been offered in after-school programs, summer camps, senior centers, and inter-generational programs. A career as a media writer/producer of educational, informational, and training materials for the K-12, medical, corporate, and legal markets took her across America, as well as to international shores. Teaching media production and design at the college level, and developing programs for inner-city middle and high school students, brought great fulfilment. But the most rewarding enlightening moments – of utmost joy – have been with her rescue dogs – Hilda and Reba. Their soul wisdom has taught her that the most effective change comes with patience, respect, love and compassion – one connection at a time.