2018 Evolutionary Leaders Retreat

Evolutionary Leaders Gather in Santa Barbara, CA

Activating Community 2.0

Forty-six members of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle gathered in June to explore together ways to achieve higher levels of community among ourselves, in the areas of our work and passion, and in our local and global communities. We met in various lovely locations in Santa Barbara and Montecito to connect deeply with the land and with one another, always mindful that the area had experienced recent fires and mudslides that advanced a local spirit of "community 2.0."

This year, our 11th gathering, was focused on long-term activation of the EL Community into a new level of collective power and coherence by more deeply “Activating Community 2.0” through heart-based sharing, sacred ceremonies, music, dance, magic, meditation, laughter and love. 

2018 Evolutionary Leaders Retreat

The 2018 retreat in Santa Barbara encouraged the formation of Synergy Circles, which will support EL’s with similar passions to group together to continue to direct their synergistic engagement into areas such as media outreach, conscious business, community coherence building and various other forms of collective action. We anticipate that this distributed model of mutual empowerment will help to bring the powerful work of these brilliant Evolutionary Leaders more fully out into the world for the kind of impact that is strengthened by the collective field.

Participants: Patricia Albere, Robert Atkinson, Don Beck, Rinaldo Brutoco, Sandra DeCastro Buffington, Jude Currivan, Téana David, Stephen Dinan, Duane Elgin, Justin Faerman, Barbara Fields, David Gershon, Adam Hall, Olivia Hansen, Philip Hellmich, Kristin Hoffmann, David Hofstatter, Desiree Hurtak, JJ Hurtak, Sister Jenna, Kurt Johnson, David Karchere, Loch Kelly, Jackie Knechtel, Eve Konstantine, Barbara Layton, Lori Leyden, Jewel Love, Lynnaea Lumbard, Oscar Medina, Nina Meyerhof, Oscar Miro-Quesada, Devaa Haley Mitchell, Deborah Moldow, Terry Patten, Derek Rydall, Elisabet Sahtouris, Deb Sandella, Sergey Solonin, Sylvia Sumter, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Kit Thomas, Jeff Vander Clute, Michael Wayne, Claudia Welss, Diane Williams, Trina Wyatt