A Unifying World View
for Conscious Collaboration

The Holomovement has always existed and its evolutionary impulse is uniquely alive in each of us, weaving together the consciousness of the whole. It's a call to unity, but not uniformity. Our evolution and emergence of inherent potential depend upon cooperation and coevolutionary partnerships. We invite you to participate in catalyzing a social movement to harmonize our relationship with each other, the planet and cosmos.

Sustainable, global transformation requires a cooperative network stretching out beyond our current silos of interest groups and individual organizational efforts.​

The Holomovement represents radical collaboration in action, founded in love, with a collective mission to support a global shift in consciousness while honoring the autonomy of each of our purpose-driven callings. ​


The name “Holomovement” was inspired by American physicist David Bohm’s use of the term describing “a holistic understanding of our universe as a manifestation of the consciousness of our universe.” 

He believed at the core of our universe is the implicate order, the field of consciousness and multidimensional reality of oneness that creates our world. The physical manifestation of how we perceive the universe is the explicate order. 

Bohm proposed it was the Holomovement weaving the two together. 

In a similar fashion as to how yin and yang make Taoist philosophy an interconnected and flowing whole, the Holomovement weaves the spiritual and material into a unified field.

While this description was first applied to the physical explanation of our universe, Bohm went on to apply it to cosmology and even the source of consciousness. He was also intrigued with how the collective consciousness of humankind was developing into its own movement of unbroken wholeness and increasing self-awareness.


There is a grand movement taking place around the world, based on the emerging principles of what has been called the new paradigm, the new age, the human potential movement, the upshift movement, the great transition, and many more possible names. It encompasses hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of activists, nonprofits, small community groups and organizations all in motion working to change the fundamental nature of society. [...] Despite these tireless efforts, our vision for creating a world that works for everyone has been painfully slow to take root. [...] .” To achieve this requires a movement guided by a unifying worldview and outlined by defining principles giving us hope, meaning and evolutionary direction. A transformative movement of this magnitude needs a name to rally around, one we propose calling the Holomovement.

– Emanuel Kuntzelman, Purpose Earth

Igniting the Holomovement

Transforming Our World Through Collective Purpose

“Igniting the Holomovement” is a catalytic gathering for visionaries and activists to empower a movement guided by a unifying worldview and defining principles to give us hope, meaning and evolutionary direction.

Our activating intention is to seed the future of a vibrant, living Holomovement to address the challenges and opportunities facing the world.

A Gathering of 80 Evolutionary Leaders, Visionaries and Activists
Working Toward a Future of Unity
Hosted by Purpose Earth and The Source of Synergy Foundation

In association with Synergy Circles of the Evolutionary Leaders,
the Academy for Future Science, Foundation for the Future, Light on Light, and the Spiritual Life TV Channel