Darius M. Barazandeh, Board Member

"There is a light and song in your heart that is so profound, when you connect to it...anything you truly desire can become yours." Darius M. Barazandeh

"I am honored to be a Board Member of the Source of Synergy Foundation. From my experiences and challenges I've discovered that Source can be in all events, things and circumstances. Within every moment there are infinite synergistic opportunities to connect to our truth and heal the planet.

My deepest fascinations lie in the areas of heart coherence, 'non-local' communication, activation of psychic

abilities and instantaneous healing. Through my work as a Metaphysical hypnotist I was honored learn and understand how the human subsconscious mind can be connected to the super conscious mind and therefore connected to the singular source of all wisdom. From that state the knowing of all things I believe is possible. This creates an amazing synergy of possibilities in which any person can connect to infinite wisdom, knowing and I believe healing abilities.

I would be honored stand alongside other esteemed members to help people, groups and organizations discover their own synergistic energy and wisdom as we exponentially create a ripple effect in planetary consciousness."


During a near death experience, Darius M. Barazandeh was given a gift. Through a motorcycle crash in 2008, he experienced a communication and connection to Source and Creator.

From this experience of love and 'oneness', Darius was led to create the You Wealth Revolution, an enlightened education and broadcasting community that has now reached more than 1.5 million people in more than 150 countries.

The You Wealth, broadcasting platform is not only one the largest spiritual and self- growth tele-education communities in the world, but it has also used synergistic healing models and the growing planetary convergence of heart energy to help transform lives.

Using intuitive processes and guidance that opened up during his transformation experience, Darius actively leads hundreds of thousands of people on a weekly basis into a state of heart coherence and group harmonic convergence.

HEART MISSION: Darius' daily mission to actively co-create a new synergistic educational model that allows children and adults to connect with their truth and 'non- local' wisdom from sources beyond immediate consciousness to indentify 'true knowing', create healing and new approaches to solving humanities challenges on Earth.

Darius can connect to energy, wisdom and guidance from a variety of sources and can read energy blockages and perceive energy. He is also a certified Metaphysical Hypnotherapist and holds several other energy healing certifications. Darius also has been able to develop 'right' brain gifts as a licensed attorney and MBA in Finance.

Helping the Planet and Kids: Beyond transformational education, Darius and the You Wealth Revolution team have committed resources to feed 45 starving children each day 365 days per year! You Wealth Revolution has donated more than 43,000 meals to starving children all over the planet through 501(c) (3) organization, Feed My Starving Children.

Darius lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Cherie and his 2 young boys Bennett and Zachary. He enjoys spending time on the weekends at his farm and wildlife sanctuary in Bastrop, Texas